The days are quickly fading of buyers cruising the streets, scoping out potential properties. Oh, they still do the drive-by, but they are doing it online, in front of HD screens. Today, curb appeal isn’t enough to inspire a showing appointment – the interior photos must also be impressive. 
Images of vacant homes appear uninviting, or worse, distressed. Occupied homes with cluttered views of tired furnishings are quickly passed over, in favor of HGTV worthy offerings. (Tip: Anything too small to identify in an online image is perceived as clutter.)
The results of professional staging are evident, not just in photos, but in the bottom line as well. Surveys show that staged homes sell in less than half the time of unstaged listings.   According to, the ROI – Return On Investment – of staging is a whopping 586%!  
Your Realtor bears a fiduciary responsibility to act in your best interest. Given the extraordinary advantages of staging, the Realtor you choose will recommend staging in order to act in your best interest. They are committed to helping you sell your house as quickly as possible, for the greatest profit.
Debbie Boggs
BY Design Home Staging